Art Against War – London Display

Anti-war artworks by the Russian artists and illustrators are displayed on the advertising screens in the London Underground
War is ongoing in Ukraine. We are almost used to it now – it has become a backdrop for daily news. Yet, each day brings more suffering and devastation to the hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine and other European countries that are now dealing with the consequences of the military action, displacement, and humanitarian crisis.

To remind people about the everyday consequences of the war, btw 16th June and 2nd July 2022 The Voice of Russia showed the anti-war artworks by 15 Russian artists and illustrators produced in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 15 digital screens at Paddington and Victoria stations in London. As in Russia people can face many years in prison for as little as an anti-war message on social media, for some of these artists, this was the only way to make their voices heard. This project was created in collaboration with Art Against War international Telegram channel.

We used digital advertising screens at Victoria and Paddington stations in London as a way to demonstrate that war can be a part of everyday reality for millions of people. Our concern is that the news of the war is becoming gradually normalised. And we are very conscious that we cannot drop this agenda while people in Ukraine are still under bombardment.

Read the interview by the project producer Anastasia Witts to Afsha.London magazine.

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