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Anti-War Shop

Dmitry Skurikhin, a small business owner from the Leningrad region, is listing the names of the bombed Ukrainian cities and

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Artur Dmitriev

Who said that?

Artur Dmitriev from St Petersburg went out to protest against the war in a sole demonstration with a hand-written slogan:

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Bucha-Moscow street art action


In Moscow, an anonymous activist performed an action “Bucha-Moscow” in protest against the Russian army’s war crimes in Ukraine. It was reported by the “Kholod” internet magazine. In the images taken in the most popular locations in central Moscow, including the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Old Arbat the activist is lying on the ground with his hands tied up behind his back – a reference to the war crimes in Bucha near Kiyv where bodies with tied up hands were found after the town was reclaimed from the Russian troops.

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Crimea Bridge Sergey Sitar

The Crimea Bridge Action

The Russian architect and artist Sergei Sitar was arrested in Moscow on the 24th March for hanging a 10-meter-long Ukraine flag with the words “Freedom, Truth, Peace” from the Crimean Bridge. He stood trial and was sentenced to a fine and 15 days in prison.

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