Collaboration with L’Arbre-à-Palabres

In partnership with the Belgian literary magazine L'Arbre-à-Palabres we are issuing two literary anti-war anthologies - for Ukrainian and for Russian authors.
In the middle of an African village, there is often a large baobab – the L’Arbre-à-Palabre – the storytelling tree. The villagers gather in the evening under the storytelling tree to discuss the events in and around the village, but also to make music, sing and tell stories. This spirit lives in the L’Arbre-à-Palabre magazine.

The Belgian multilingual literary magazine L’Arbre-à-Palabres has been published for 10 years. The main languages used are French and Dutch. Belgium is divided into several language communities and L’Arbre à Palabres aims to promote a better mutual understanding between French and Dutch cultures.

The first version of the magazine focused on the connection with nature through storytelling, poetry and a touch of visual art. As time went by, the magazine became more literary.  In L’Arbre-à-Palabres events in both the small and the larger world are always viewed with a critical eye.

No one can close his eyes to the horrors of Putin’s war in Ukraine. L’Arbre-à-Palabres has therefore decided to publish contributions from Ukrainian and Russian artists, in the original languages with translations into French and Dutch.

More than ever, there is a need for art that connects and encourages dialogue, and that provides insight into the richness of both cultures. But we understand how tragic and difficult the current situation is, and out of respect will be publishing the Ukrainian and Russian content in two separate issues.

L’Arbre à Palabres is an independent magazine that cares about the quality of its content, as well as its design. The magazine is produced by volunteers and this allows it to be strictly independent. As its next project, L’Arbre-à-Palabres intends to work on a booklet of Russian artistic resistance voices as well as on a booklet of Ukrainian artists. All proceeds will be donated to the artistic/cultural Ukrainian initiatives.

Editor-in-Chief Don Fabulist

The project is designed and delivered in partnership with The Voice of Russia (TVOR).

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