We Will Be Happy – From Now and Forever

A Russian portraitist Victoria Baigulova is investigating the mark the war is leaving on people's faces
My name is Victoria Baigulova, I am 52 years old, and I live in Russia. I am a professional artist and I have always worked as a portraitist.

I am particularly interested in people when they are going through a moment of acute emotional tension, and deep psychological state. A person’s face will tell you more about them than they can tell themselves. One just has to learn how to read facial expressions and show their meaning to the audience.

Of course, the war has revealed the innermost character in people, whether they are in support or categorically against it. I am keenly interested in the entire spectrum of the feelings generated by the war: hatred, fear, empathy, hopelessness, universal horror… When I was painting these portraits, I didn’t ask people about their social or political position. I wanted to discover what their faces would tell me.

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The Faces of Russia

There Is No Way Out

This is a series of portraits of the same woman as the war in Ukraine progressed.


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